22E054 – Improperly Grounded Air Compressor Housing – Cummins Electric Drivetrain

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July 6, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22E054000

Improperly Grounded Air Compressor Housing

An improperly grounded air compressor can cause electric shock, increasing the risk of injury.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 22E054

Manufacturer Cummins, Inc.


Potential Number of Units Affected 469



Cummins, Inc. (Cummins) is recalling certain PD7000 Electric Drivetrains containing an electric air compressor. The air compressor housing is improperly grounded, causing electrical voltage greater than 50V AC during operation.



Cummins will install an electrical ground strap between the compressor motor housing and vehicle chassis, free of charge. Owner notification letters were mailed February 3, 2023. Remedy parts are expected to become available in November 2022. Owners may contact Cummins customer service at 1-800-286-6467.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.


Technical Service Bulletin

Technical Service Bulletin: TSB220172

Released Date: 12-Aug-2022

Air Compressor Improper Grounding


Air Compressor Improper Grounding


Warranty Statement

The information in this document has no effect on present warranty coverage or repair practices, nor does it authorize TRP or Campaign actions.


Product Affected

  • BES CM0904 EV104B
  • BES CM2450 EV105B


Issue Summary

  • Cummins Inc. recommends installation of a temporary ground between the high voltage air compressor motor and the chassis.
  • A Cummins Inc. Safety Campaign on affected products will be released shortly.
  • Improper grounding between the high voltage air compressor motor and chassis can cause a voltage differential that can lead to electrical shock greater than 50V AC.
  • Potential for electrical shock is only present if working on the air compressor while the high voltage air compressor motor is running.



1. Turn keyswitch OFF.

2. Verify if there is a ground strap connecting the high voltage air compressor motor to thechassis.


This TSB does not apply to units with a ground strap connected to the high voltage air compressor motor. See Figure 2.



Install a temporary ground between the high voltage air compressor motor and the chassis for duration of service on or around
the air compressor.

1. Prior to starting any work on or around the air compressor, turn keyswitch OFF.

2. Install a temporary grounding method between high voltage air compressor motor and chassis for the duration of working on
the air compressor. An example of a temporary grounding method is connecting a jumper wire with alligator clips to a nut or
bolt on the high voltage air compressor motor and a nut or bolt on the chassis.

3. Perform the necessary work.

4. Remove temporary grounding method following completion of work.



Document History

Last Modified: 12-Aug-2022














https://adminportal.cummins.com 0sp4N000000PGNq




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Warranty Field Campaign

Campaign Number: c2619 Revision: Released Date: 26-Jan2023
BES PD7000 Air Compressor Grounding Safety Campaign Expiration Date (U.S. and Canada): 31-Jan-2053
Expiration Date

(International): 31-Jan2053



If additional information is required, please contact your Cummins Warranty Operations Group Leader.



This Safety Campaign is being issued to install grounding straps (PN 6301390) between the High Voltage Air Compressor Motor and the chassis on all BES CM0904 EV104B and BES CM2450 EV105B products.



In order to qualify for repair under this field action, an air compressor:

  1. will be covered Regardless of coverage status, and
  2. must show as OPEN on QuickServe® Online for this field action.

Note : The SSN list is attached for reference.

After verifying that the engine meets the above requirements, perform the following actions:

Note : Please refer to Attachment B for detailed repair instructions.

  1. Perform Lockout Tagout then install grounding strap between High Voltage Air Compressor and mounting location on High Voltage Air Compressor Inverter.
  2. File a claim for one or more SSNs updated at the same time.


Material Disposition

There are no materials to be removed in this field action.




The following parts are covered under this field action:

Part Number Quantity Description
010077200 1 NUT,LCK
563643400 1 SCR,CAP
630139000 1 SRP,GND

Note : SRTs to gain access that are required to complete the repair, that are sufficiently explained in the claim narrative, may also be claimed on this action.

Labor Using Applicable Access Code and Time


Travel is covered under this field action. Towing is covered under this field action. Other Claimables

Consumables are covered under this field action.


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C2619 –Attachment BBES PD7000 Air Compressor Grounding Safety Campaign

Installing Grounding Strap On Air Compressor


  1. Perform LockOut TagOut (LOTO) on the unit following Safe Service Procedure. Refer to the service manual link below. Both models use the same procedure.


  1. Install grounding strap (CMI PN 6301390) to Air compressor assembly.

2A – Attach one side to the pre-existing hole on the air compressor oil dipstick bracket.

  • Torque: 27 N∙m [239 in-lb]

2B – Attach one side to the air compressor inverter mounting location.

  • Torque: 27 N∙m [239 in-lb]
  1. Ensure grounding strap is not rubbing against any cables or hoses (caution areas shown on next slide)

Some buses may require the Air compressor assembly to be lowered or removed from the chassis to complete step #2. If necessary, refer to service manual instructions (linked below)  to remove, then reinstall the air compressor assembly. Both models use the same procedure



Step 3 – Ensure grounding strap is not rubbing against any cables or hoses



NHTSA Recall No. 21E-054

July 12, 2022

Blue Bird
3920 Arkwright Road
Suite 200
Macon, GA 31210

Dear Cummins OEM Customer:

We are writing to inform you that Cummins Inc. has determined that a safety-related defect exists in certain PD7000 Electric Drivetrain air compressors that were manufactured between June 1, 2018 and April 18, 2022.  Cummins has initiated a recall of the subject air compressors.  Our records indicate that some of these air compressors have been shipped to you.

A copy of Cummins’ initial Part 573 Defect Notification report is enclosed.  This notification was submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on July 6, 2022.  As more fully described in the Defect Notification, the air compressor housing on these units is not properly grounded.  As a consequence, the air compressor housing may experience an electrical voltage potential greater than 50V AC during air compressor operation, possibly leading to an electric shock.

Cummins is recalling part number 5611745, which was contained in air compressor assemblies 300543 and 300154 that our records indicate were shipped to your plants.  For air compressors installed in vehicles that have left your control, we encourage you to make a safety defect determination in accordance with 49 USC 30118 et seq. and, as appropriate, to submit a Defect Notification to NHTSA in accordance with 49 CFR Part 573.  Cummins will conduct the recall, including notifying owners pursuant to 49 CFR Part 577, performing the remedy, and submitting quarterly status reports to NHTSA. Cummins is requesting that you provide the associated vehicle model identification, VINs and owner contact information to facilitate owner notification.  Please work with your Cummins account team leader to ensure that the requested information is provided to Cummins as soon as possible.

As a supplier of original equipment, Cummins has no obligation to submit a defect notification to Transport Canada.  However, Cummins does, as a courtesy, notify Transport Canada when Cummins submits a defect notification to NHTSA, advising that some OEMs may have affected vehicles.  If you have an obligation to report the defect to Transport Canada, we ask that you please provide us with the Transport Canada recall number assigned to your vehicle recall.  Cummins cannot mail owner letters compliant with Transport Canada regulations with respect to your recalled vehicles without the recall number assigned by Transport Canada.  Cummins will provide the applicable data to you after our mailings are completed so that you can submit the required notification reports to Transport Canada, as well as provide you the completion rate data so that you can submit the required quarterly completion reports to Transport Canada.

For engines/vehicles that are still in your inventory, please contact William Herhold at william.herhold@cummins.com to arrange for repairs.  Please note that Federal law prohibits delivery of these engines, or vehicles equipped with these engines, under a sale or lease until this condition has been remedied.

Cummins apologizes for this inconvenience, but we are initiating this action in the interest of our customers’ safety and satisfaction with our products.  Thank you for your assistance.

Please confirm receipt of this communication.


Enclosure: Cummins Part 573 Defect Notification


Chronology :

4/21/22 – A Cummins employee experienced a mild electric shock when he touched the air compressor motor housing at a Cummins facility. 4/21 – 5/11/22 – An investigation was conducted to understand the cause of the issue. During the investigation, the voltage between the air compressor housing and vehicle chassis for the incident unit was measured as 110 V to 130V AC. Testing was conducted on the two configurations of air compressor and inverter assemblies to understand the ground paths and to verify the missing ground.

5/11 – 6/1/22 – A Product Safety Hazard Analysis was conducted. Testing was completed on the current production air compressor to confirm that it does not have this condition.

6/1 – 6/28/22 – Cummins escalated the issue through its Product Safety Defect Determination process.

6/28/22 – Based upon the results of the investigation, the Cummins Product Safety Defect Board decided to conduct a safety campaign to address this condition. To date, there have been no reports of electrical shock (other than the Cummins employee on 4/21/22) or injuries due to this condition.


1 Affected Product




15 Associated Documents

Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-22E054-2567.pdf 689.915KB

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Defect Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-22E054-3480.PDF 215.279KB

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Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)

RCMN-22E054-4760.pdf 328.421KB

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Safety Bulletin

RCSB-22E054-8977.pdf 1028.476KB

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Interim Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RIONL-22E054-8200.pdf 215.706KB

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Recall 573 Report – 10/27/2022

RCLRPT-22E054-2468.PDF 215.324KB

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Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-22E054-6761.pdf 2171.291KB

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ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

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Recall 573 Report – 4/24/2023

RCLRPT-22E054-3694.PDF 215.324KB

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Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2023-1

RCLQRT-22E054-6176.PDF 211.12KB

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Miscellaneous Document – 22E-054 2Q2023 US Qtrly Report Supplement

RMISC-22E054-2375.pdf 584.688KB

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Recall Quarterly Report #2, 2023-2

RCLQRT-22E054-3609.PDF 211.229KB

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ISSUED Renotification Notice

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Miscellaneous Document – 22E-054 3Q2023 US Qtrly Report Supplement

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Recall Quarterly Report #3, 2023-3

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