Fire Sensor May Falsely Detect Fires – 2018-2023 Prevost H3-45 Motor Coaches & H3-45 VIP Motorhomes

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February 24, 2023 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 23V126000

Fire Sensor May Falsely Detect Fires

The activation of the Automatic Fire Suppression System can cause a sudden loss of drive power, increasing the risk of a crash. Additionally, a disabled coach may require an evacuation procedure in an uncontrolled traffic situation, increasing the risk of injury to passengers.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 23V126

Manufacturer Prevost Car (US) Inc.

Components EQUIPMENT

Potential Number of Units Affected 555



Prevost Car (US) Inc. (Prevost) is recalling certain 2018-2023 H3-45 motor coaches and H3-45 VIP motorhomes. The Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) optical fire sensor positioned in the engine compartment’s lower region may corrode and malfunction. In this event, the AFSS may give a false warning to the driver, command an unwarranted engine shutdown, and release a chemical fire extinguishing agent in the engine compartment.



Prevost will inspect the vehicles, install spacers between the optical fire sensor and bracket, and replace the optical fire sensor, if necessary, free of charge. Owner notification letters were mailed September 8, 2023. Owners may contact Prevost customer service at 1-866-870-2046. Prevost’s number for this recall is SR23-05.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Prevost Technical Publications



September 2023





On vehicles affected by this recall, corrosion between the lower automatic fire suppression system (AFSS) optical sensor (in engine compartment) and its bracket could damage the sensor’s housing and allow water to ingress, ultimately causing the sensor to malfunction.

Therefore, on the affected vehicles, the lower AFSS optical sensor must be removed from the bracket, inspected for corrosion and replaced as needed. Upon reinstallation, nylon spacers must be inserted between the sensor and the bracket to provide a gap that will eliminate future corrosion problem (caused by road grime and humidity accumulation) at the back of the sensor.


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Chronology :

2022-10-07 One field report related to this issue involving one vehicle was received.

2022-10-21 Internal Prevost investigation was opened to identify the root cause and to determine if the issue is safety related.

2022-11-16 Case was presented on Volvo Product Safety Working Group (PSWG) to evaluate if there is a potential safety related issue. It was concluded that further investigation was required to complete the assessment.

2022-11-28 A failed sensor was sent to an external laboratory for exhaustive corrosion analysis.

2023-01-16 All field reports and warranty claims related to this issue were analyzed. Two other field reports related to this issue were reported. The first field report was received on 2019-11-28 and indicated that one MY2019 H3-45 experienced a false AFSS activation, most likely due to a corroded optical fire sensor. The report indicated that the same issue targeted five other H3-45. The second field report was received on 2022-06-24 and indicated that two MY2019 H3-45 experienced a false AFSS activation, potentially due to a Linear Thermal Detector malfunction. The investigation revealed that the false activation probably resulted from a corroded optical fire sensor. Four warranty claims related to this issue were received, all on MY2019 H3-45. The claims were received on 2020-01-27, 2020-01-30, 2020-02-05, and on 2022-04-28. Note: Two of these warranty claims were included in the field reports.

2023-01-24 Case was presented on Volvo PSWG. Decision made to raise the potential safety issue to Volvo Product Safety Committee (PSC) for review and determination.

2023-02-14 Internal campaign was launched to solve the issue on all vehicles in production before being delivered.

2023-02-23 Case was presented to Volvo PSC. It was concluded that there was a safety related defect and that a recall is needed.

2023-02-24 Safety Recall report submitted to authorities.

No accidents, injuries, or fatalities related to this issue were reported.


12 Affected Products


PREVOST H3-45 2018-2023
PREVOST H3-45 VIP 2018-2023


11 Associated Documents

Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-23V126-7857.pdf 645.392KB


Defect Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-23V126-4960.PDF 217.896KB


Recall 573 Report – March 8, 2023

RCLRPT-23V126-2860.PDF 217.899KB


Recall 573 Report – March 14, 2023

RCLRPT-23V126-2354.PDF 219.486KB


ISSUED Interim Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RIONL-23V126-4005.pdf 238.87KB

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Recall 573 Report – 07/04/2023

RCLRPT-23V126-5362.PDF 219.484KB


Recall 573 Report – July 4, 2023

RCLRPT-23V126-6531.PDF 219.484KB


Safety Bulletin

RCSB-23V126-1089.pdf 787.47KB

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ISSUED Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-23V126-5502.pdf 239.14KB

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Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2023-3

RCLQRT-23V126-4074.PDF 211.275KB


Recall Quarterly Report #2, 2023-4

RCLQRT-23V126-7157.PDF 211.378KB


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